Working on…

I usually work on two (or more)  things simultaneously. I just can’t help myself.

The first one (from the left) is a vision of Slavic goddess of beauty and love Lada (just a part of the unfinished drawing), and the second one is a vision of a fairy-like being connected to an Iris. I love Irises (besides that I love flowers and plants in general), and of course, I have these in my garden. My intention was to capture the feeling of glittering yellow-golden quality of the blossom and glowing skin of the angel (or fairy) reflecting it.

I knew that the yellow would be a challenge, not to mention the fact, that the skin of the blossom has shimmering particles on its surface. I know I should work on my ability to draw and paint flowers to look more vivid… and that maybe oil would be a more appropriate medium for the subject. In this process, I let myself experimenting with mixing of different media, not only colered pencils and chalk – I try new ways of blending pencils, layering of different media, washable wax pencil… I am trying to learn not to cling to result, to release the process. And I fell in love with colored pencils. It’s a clean job compared with oils, and one can quit instantly without cleaning of brushes, workplace, etc., and continue without mixing a new batch of paints. Which is really appreciated when one has more than one job and children.

Iris fáze 1

Lada fáze 1