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In today’s world, where the Beauty has been profaned, I strive to bring it back to the Sacred through my artwork.

I would like to convey the reviving and exhilarating experience that would carry the viewer far away from triviality. I believe in healing power of art and the effect of colours.

In my artworks, I attempt to express a range of experiences of spiritual to sensuous ecstasy where the seeming counterparts seamlessly transition one to another. While I create, I have the feeling that we are greater than it seems and that our potential goes far beyond our usual experience and I would like to share this exciting finding through my works.

I draw my inspiration from the images from within the soul, visions, and symbols as well as in everyday contact with the surrounding nature and inspiring connection with other human beings.

The ornamental forms don’t serve as a mere decoration in my works; they represent the forming presence of Spirit in the matter and they are the symbol of ever changing transforming realities, both seen and unseen.

My technique

Besides traditional oil painting and drawing techniques, I have discovered coloured pencils as an intriguing medium demanding high preciseness. In my search for a perfect form for my art expression I have developed my own method of layering of hues and different drawing techniques which imparts depth and light and allows for smooth colour transitions and complexity of the drawings.